Reaper Two-Six, home of the 26th Tactical Fighter Wing

Reaper Two-Six History

The Reaper Two-Six 26th Tactical Fighter Wing was established in March of 2009, in preparation for the launch of the original Hawx video game. Initially, Reaper Two-Six (commonly known as the Reapers) only supported a PS3 flying squadron headquartered in the United States.

Throughout the initial launch phase of Hawx, Reaper Two-Six took on pilot recruits as the squadron sought to expand. One of the goals of the Reapers was to develop into a battle ready squadron, aiming to take on the most feared opponents. During the recruits trial phase, the Reapers looked for qualities in their pilots that truly showed they had “the right stuff”; such as: devotion, piloting skills, friendship, loyalty, and an overall desire to support the squadron.

During May and June of 2009, the Reapers formally battled other squadrons from around the world on the PS3 tournament ladder. New to the ladder, the Reapers started out in last place. After numerous incredible battles, in which the newly formed squadron members took to the air, the Reapers clawed their way into a tie for 1st place. Surely, they proven themselves to be a world leading squadron; a force to be reckoned with and feared.

The night finally arrived when the Reapers would go head-to-head with the 4 Aces, for the right to solely claim first place in the world. The focus and silence in the air that night was only broken by the sound of the Reaper’s jets roaring into battle. It was apparent from the beginning that the Reapers could defeat the 4 Aces, as they took an early 8-1 lead in the first game. As fate would have it, the Reapers lost one pilot due to network difficulties and the strict interpretation of the Gamebattles rules did not allow this pilot to return to action. Gutted. The Reapers, now battling 3-against-4, and maintained their strong pressure on the 4 Aces throughout the remainder of the match. The Reapers inflected severe damage on the 4 Aces and pushed them to the limit. However, the prize of sole possession of first place would ultimately go to the 4 Aces, because as fate would have it, before the Reapers were able to request a rematch for a fair 4-against-4 battle, the chose to close the PS3 Hawx ladder. In their hearts, the Reapers knew they were the better team, so they would bide their time in preparation for a new run at the title in Hawx 2.

In the first half of 2010, the Reapers made a more permanent commitment to be a strong presence in the on-line aviation community. The launch of the official Reaper Two-Six global website,, was commissioned. In addition, a long term strategy and command structure was implemented.

In the summer of 2010, the Reapers expanded to include Xbox360 pilots. Then, in June of 2012, a PC pilot squadron was formed. The day is near when the Reapers will rule the skies.

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