Reaper Two-Six, home of the 26th Tactical Fighter Wing


Clost-Range Assault: Dogfight

Close-range Assault” represents the core gameplay mechanic of ASSAULT HORIZON, introducing dramatically enhanced up-close action and shooter-centric game play, and incorporating a state-of-the-art cinematic camera system for a thrilling visual experience.

Give chase, engaging the enemy in a twisting mach-speed pursuit through towering skyscrapers. Or take to the expansive skies, outmaneuvering your prey in a battle of sheer adrenaline and skill, where the hunter becomes the hunted. Finally, go in for the kill with a hailstorm of machine gun fire, shattering the enemy's wings in an explosion of black oil, flames and scorching debris. "Close-Range Assault" is the realization of intensely cinematic high-speed battles and engaging shooter gameplay.

"Close-Range Assault" (CRA) is the key to eliminating a skilled enemy pilot capable of avoiding long-range missile fire. Closing in on the enemy aircraft from behind will engage CRA, initiating a close-range battle against the nimble opponent. During CRA, keeping the enemy within the "Assault Circle", displayed in the center of the HUD, increases missile tracking capability, and consequently, the chances of tagging the enemy with a missile. However, successfully tracking an enemy pilot is a true test of player skill. Machine gun fire also plays an important role in taking down skilled enemy pilots. A well-placed bullet storm of heavy-caliber fire can be utilized to slow a quick moving target, and set them up for an "Assault Circle" kill.

Having successfully downed an enemy with CRA, the player can revel in the gratifying destruction shown using close-up and missile cameras, as well as a multitude of additional cinematic camera effects including slow motion. Players may also witness enemy pilots being flung from their aircraft at the moment of destruction, and even hear an aircraft’s death throes as the metal twists and yields under the attack. Keeping the enemy within the "Assault Circle" provides the additional benefit of drastically increasing the player's destructive firepower. Players skilful enough to read enemy movements will be able to snare one aircraft after another in the claws of the "Assault Circle", exterminating entire squadrons. The satisfaction of transforming into the terror of the skies is addictive. CRA is instantly accessible to newcomers, but maintains a finely balanced learning curve to ensure the gratifying sense of speed and destruction increases as the practiced player becomes an ever more formidable pilot.

CRA features countless dramatic gameplay sequences, such as enemy aircraft impacting a towering line of skyscrapers, sending a mountain of debris crashing toward the player. However, with quick reflexes, cool nerves and tight piloting skills, the player can survive these sequences and remain in mach-speed pursuit of their target.

Players caught in a CRA may also attempt to lure the enemy in, opening a chance for a "Counter Maneuver". A prompt will appear when the precise distance from the target is achieved, allowing a quick-reacting player to perform a Cobra or other acrobatic reversals, putting them in position behind the pursuer for a devastating counterattack. This split second struggle introduces an exciting new level of gameplay to ACE COMBAT. ****In addition to "Dogfight" game play, CRA also features "Air Strike" game play for attacking warships, armored units, bases and other ground targets.

Steel Carnage

Developed by the project aces team, Ace Combat ™ Assault Horizon takes intense aerial combat to the next level, with aircraft that are literally torn apart, spewing oil and debris across the sky.

Dramatic and realistic storyline: Written by New York Times Best-Selling military author Jim DeFelice, players will be immersed in an enthralling war drama spanning multiple real-world locations

Steel carnage: Incredible destructive detail and visual effects for every explosive attack, with aircraft shredded, enemy troops annihilated, buildings shattered, and machines bleeding their oil

All-new aircraft to pilot: Experience split-second manoeuvring and positioning, pinpoint targeting, hover attacks and other diverse gameplay with the introduction of the Attack Helicopter, Door Gunner, Bomber and Gunship

Revolutionary "Close-Range Assault" system: Delivering high-speed acrobatics, dizzying one-on-one encounters, satisfyingly visceral low-altitude aeronautics, and high-flying death from above

ACE COMBAT online reinvented: Completely reworked online modes, with new features including the new "Close-Range Assault" system"

2015 East Africa

An anti-government insurgency movement is sweeping the continent. Local governments have requested the United Nations’ support in combating the rebel forces and pirates terrorizing the coastal areas.

The UN, in turn, calls upon NATO, which responds by sanctioning the a special military task force. The task force is soon engaged in conflict with the insurgents across Africa.

However, insurgency has the advantage of surprisingly advanced weaponry, and effective use of the African landscape in guerilla warfare. It appears that the conflict cannot be resolved as quickly as originally hoped.

U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel William Bishop and his long time friend and wingman Captain Jose “Guts” Gutierrez lead the 108th Task Force, comprised of an attack helicopter force, bomber squadron and Colonel Bishop's Warwolf fighter squadron.

The task force base in Africa is host to a large multinational military force including a UN military contingent under the command of French Air Force General Pierre La Pointe, as well as Russian support forces.

Shortly after arriving in Africa, a helicopter force on a guerilla sweeping mission is engulfed in a blinding flash of light, and blasted out of the sky by a massive shock wave.

The few helicopter crews who survive the blast are brought back to the base covered in third-degree burns. Word quickly spreads that the anti-government insurgency has developed a new type of super weapon. Before the task force has time to investigate how the insurgency succeeded in developing such advanced weaponry, the scramble alert sounds.

As Bishop and company race to secure the super weapon, the flames of battle spread across northern Africa, eventually engulfing the world.


Lieutenant Colonel William Bishop

Lead pilot of the 108th Task Force. A professional serviceman and a person of few words, his calm and cool action under pressure, extensive battle experience and unquestionable skill earn him the steadfast respect of his subordinates. His encounter with a formidable rival in Africa will test his skills as a pilot, and push him to the very brink.

Captain Hose "Guts" Gutierrez

An experienced pilot and F-15 flight instructor, his skills nearly rival those of Colonel Bishop. A mood maker, his smart-aleck attitude and quick wit on the ground contrast with his often serious attitude in the air.

Major Janice Rehl

A female bomber pilot, she is assigned to operations in Africa at Lt. Colonel Bishop's request, where she pilots the AC-130U "Spooky 01". Independent and assertive, she is also free spirited and often jokes with Captain Gutierrez in the vane of rival siblings.

Captain Doug "D-Ray" Robinson

Captain of the AH-64D Apache Longbow Shooter Squadron, and commander of the Longbow and MH-60 BLACK HAWK Nomad Squadron. Having worked his way up through the ranks, he takes a strict yet protective stance toward his subordinates.

General Pierre La Pointe

Commander of the allied forces, including the 108th Task Force. His demanding position requires he wear the hats of both NATO military commander and diplomat to local government bodies. Despite his superior rank, La Pointe holds Colonel Bishop's words and actions in high regard.


Air Strike Close Range Assault System

Ace Combat Assault Horizon isn't just about engaging enemies in supersonic dog fights, and shredding them to pieces, it's also about unleashing a hail storm of uninhibited destruction upon enemy ground forces. Air Strike allows players to do just that, scrape in at low altitude, and take out the enemy with a torrent of explosive firepower.

Air Strike: Commenced by freely selecting from any Air Strike point on the battlefield. To engage, it requires you to push both shoulder buttons. Once in Air Strike, the optimum flight path for maximum destruction provides the visceral thrill of slicing a low-level, high-speed swath of destruction through the violent battlefield below. Zoom, slow motion and the Ace Combat Assault Horizon proprietary dynamic camera system ensure the player is dramatically immersed in the explosive firestorm and debris while remaining in control.

Its up to you: The optional nature of Air Strike ensures that it's up to you to decide when to use Air Strike, and when to attack individual ground targets. Whether tearing through a line of enemies, or taking them out one by one, Ace Combat Assault Horizon accommodates any play style.

Unleash the Explosive Firepower: Dug in tight and strong in numbers, ground targets can present a formidable challenge. However, Air Strike's flight assisted stability gives the player the upper hand with increased machine gun firing precision. Additionally, decreased missile and special weapons reload times ensure a ceaseless stream of offensive fire and destruction. Fly headlong into enemy fire and blast them back to the Stone Age with missiles, rockets, bombs and special weapons before you're torn to shreds!

Dramatic Events: Air Strike incorporates a variety of powerful events, such as allied rescues and coordinated saturation attacks. If there was ever an opportunity to gain renown as an ace pilot on both sides of the battlefield, this is it!

Introduction to Ace Combat

Ace Combat, published by Namco Bandai Games, is an arcade style, fast-paced action flying video game. First established in 1995, the Ace Combat series has a total of 12 released titles. The newest member (#13), Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, is slated for a 2011 release on both the PS3 and Xbox360 consoles.

As you can see in the links, Ace Combat has graced many electronic platforms over the years. For Ace Combat veterans and newcomers alike, the highly anticipated release of Assault Horizon is very exciting. We are looking forward to flying with you in the Ace Combat Skies.