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Current Version 2.0
Release on February, 6, 2013

App History

The Reaper Two-Six Android App is designed as a snippet of information from our website. It will provide easy and quick access for the most actively visited and updated web pages; allowing the pilot to get up-to-the-minute information about his approaching flights.

In early 2011, I noticed how many Apps were just quick access to specific items on main web pages. So, the Reaper Two-Six App was born from that concept.

I sincerely hope you find the Reaper Two-Six Android App fun, enjoyable, and useful in your daily lives.

App Information

Reaper Two-Six 26th Tactical Fighter Wing is today’s most dominating global on-line Air Combat Force. We fly the virtual skies on the PS3 and Xbox360. At Reaper Two-Six, friendship and fun is our motto. We actively fly together every week, competing for elite points and standings on the leaderboard. Our forum is very active and open to all Reaper pilots. When called upon by enemy clans, the Reaper Global Defense Network is activated and responds with dedication and a power to be reckoned with.

So, follow Reaper Two-Six while on the go and from anywhere in the world on your Android device. Or… Better yet… Join us and fly with the best of the best.


  • Easily keep updated on the weekly leaderboard's for both PS3 & Xbox360 squadrons.
  • Check the Reaper monthly news ticker quickly.
  • Follow the Reaper’s on facebook, twitter, or read our forum.
  • Get to know your favorite Reaper’s by reading their individual pilot profile page.
  • Watch for exciting updates on the much anticipated Ace Combat: Assault Horizon game.
  • Learn about Gran Turismo 5 and participate in our races.
  • Check the current Reapertime. Never be late for a scheduled match again!!
  • Join us…. We’re always looking for pilots to be part of our Reaper Global Defense Network.

Version 1.1 Updates

  • Added the Reapertime clock™. This will ALWAYS read Reapertime no matter where you are in the world. Never miss a match again.
  • Added Check this Week's Flight Schedule button. Quickly and easily look at this weeks flight schedule for both PS3 and Xbox360 squadrons.
  • Added a separate Squadrons page.
  • Added a separate Contacts page.
  • Added a Challenge the Reapers and Rate Reaper App buttons.

Version 1.2 Updates

  • Added the Reaper Two-Six - Year 5 - The Rise of Global Insurgency website link.
  • Updated logo icon.

Version 2.0 Updates

  • Menu system updates.
  • Added The Secret Missions of Reaper Two-Six section.

Go Reaper Two-Six !!!!

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