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Hawx 2 aircraft give you the opportunity to choose different custom weapon packs to challenge your opponent with. The choice can be crucial, and often, in a TDM game, the best choice is a rotating choice, meaning you can anticipate the situation. Example, you start your game with a long range support/intercept Pack, which you give you Radar Guided Missiles and unguided but very effective Rockets. Later in the game with the close dogfights, you are better off using Heat Seeking and Multi Target AA missiles. Keep changing and let your opponent in the dark. Most important.... Master a few aircraft to unlock custom weapon pack capability. Below you will find the weapons which come in the Hawx 2 game.

Multi-Target Missile (MM)

'Medium range fire-and-forget missile'

The Multi Target AA Missile, commonly known as the Multi AA. This is a Medium range Air to Air missile, and locks to its target from about 6000 meters. The impact of the Multi AA is heavier than the Joint Strike Missile and slightly harder to dodge without flares., But the best thing about these boys is that you can fire 4 of them at the same time! This is great when you are just out of the dogfight centre, as you can easily acquire the 4 targets from a distance. If you have the ammo, fire a second salvo off while you are on route to the warzone. This has two reasons, the enemy can see the first one coming, but not the second one at the same time. Secondly, if the first one hits, but doesn't kill, the second one might finish the job! One piece of advice though: If the enemy is suppressing your radar, don't boter and wait for the 'tone' for 4 targets as it won't work, and you lose missiles. Just wait for tone on one target and immediately fire your AA (which will be 1 missile then).

Joint Strike Missile (JSM)

'Versatile short range fire-and-forget missile'

The JS, as people call them, is the most common weapon in the game. They come in big numbers, so in a 'Normal' game you probably won't run out of them. Although the JS looks like a normal AA missile, it is also very effective on ground targets. In a normal game you can take most ground targets out with a single missile, but for air targets you will need more than one. The plane allows you to fire two at the same time, which for air targets I would recommend. The range to get a lock for the JS is about 2500 meters. JS's can be easily dodged, even without the use of flares. A sharp turn/loop does the trick.

Multi-Target Air-to-Ground Missile (AG)

'Medium range guided AG missile'

The Multi Target AG missile, or Multi AG, is the air to ground version of the Multi AA missile. Just like its air to air brother, you can select and fire at four targets at the same time. The range for locking on is about 8000 meters, which is less than the radar guided missile, but very affective in the event of attacking high volumes of ground targets. The missile is very effective, and will take out almost every target with a single salvo. Also bare in mind that you can use this missile on ground targets while they are being dropped from aircrafts, for example in operations like 'Red Eagle'.

Stand-Off Missile (SM)

'Very short range quick turning fire-and-forget AA missile'

Unguided Bomb (UGB)

'Dumb-fire AG ordnance'

The Unguided bomb, old but very effective, as this is mentioned in the game. The Unguided bomb does what it supposed to do, putting a crater in a targeted area and send everything within that target to oblivion. The bomb explodes on impact, and can be thrown from a proper altitude. This weapon is basically the same as the cluster bomb, with the difference that the cluster bomb 'clusters' over its target and the target is a circle, in stead of a rectangle with the cluster bomb.


'A decoy for infrared homing (heat seeking) surface-to-air missile or air-to-air missile.'

Heat Seeking Missile (HSM)

'Short range fire-and-forget AA missile'

Radar Guided Missile (RGM)

'High-speed long range AA missile'

The Radar Guided Missile, also known as RGM, is the most effective missile in the game, taking out most targets with a single missile. Unlike the other missiles, this is not a 'fire and forget' missile. Yuo have to keep your target in your scoop till the missile hits the target. This missile can be fired from about 10000 meters, and is effective on both Air and Ground targets. If you are the firing position, this is the weapon you might want to use when you start a new TDM round, or when you just respawned, as it will give you a good chance on a direct kill. In coop missions, this is a highly effective weapon against SAM installations, and naval vessels with SAM capability. When you are targeted and fired upon by a RGM, the best way to avoid it is to fly away from it and launch a flare at about 1000 meters from the moment of impact. The RGM will most likely go for the counter measures.

Precision Missile (PM)


Rocket Pod (RP)

'High speed unguided ordnance dispenser'

Another weapon that is loved and hated by a lot of people. The Rocket Pod comes with a large amount of unguided rockets, which basically have no set range and thus make them effective when starting a TDM game, or when people have spawned in a TDM game (as most will fly to the hot zone in a straight line). It's very easy to get a kill with rockets when your target is stable, but when your target is moving around, making tight corners etc, it becomes an art to create kills with the rockets. When you are in the dogfight 'loop', take the assistance off, break and accelerate and fire a salve while still looping, and you will get the kill you are longing for. Just like the cannon, you can keep firing till the pod gets overheated, but you will notice it only takes 2 or 3 rocket-hits to exterminate your target. One real bonus of the rockets is that they are available, even when your enemy has activated the 'guns only' perk. In coop-/missions, the Rockets are very effective on both air and ground targets, and great fun to play with.

Cluster Bomb (CB)

'Dumb-fire Cluster AG ordnance'

The Cluster bomb has basically the same effect as the Unguided bomb. It 'clusters' over the selected target and then explodes in a serie of smaller detonations. The target area is a rectangle in stead of the circle you have with the FreeFall bomb. But just as effective, as everything in the selected target area will be destroyed. Just like the FreeFall bomb, you can deploy the cluster bombs from a proper altitude, out of reach of enemy AA fire (not SAM, as they have a longer range).


'The Art of Dogfight'

The cannon is almost like the ballet in dancing. It has style and is the least effective weapon if you mention 'gunpowder'. All aircrafts are standard fitted with a cannon. The cannon is highly effective at short distance, and not at all at longer distances. The effect of the cannon (range and power) is significantly improved when the 'upgrade' is activated (through perk or server settings). Some of the planes have dual cannons (most the Mirages and the Jaguar) and the A-10A is fitted with a Super Cannon, which represents the 30mm cannon compared to the standard 20mm's for the other planes, meaning you have a 150% more power! Cannon kills are not the easiest ones in the game, but I think most people agree with me when I say they are the most satisfying ones!