Reaper Two-Six, home of the 26th Tactical Fighter Wing


Bring'em closer

     Destroy 50 air targets using the cannon     450 XP

Rain of Steel

     Destroy 50 ground targets using the cannon     550 XP

Cut the Head

     Destroy 135 air targets using heat seeking missiles     600 XP


     Destroy 135 air targets with Joint Strike Missiles     600 XP

One against Legions

     Destroy 135 air targets using joint strike missiles     1000 XP

Callsign: Sonar

     Destroy 150 air targets using anti-ground missiles     450 XP

From high above

     Destroy 135 air targets using joint strike missiles     600 XP


     Destroy 120 air targets using unguided bombs     700 XP

Let it go

     Destroy 135 air targets using joint strike missiles     600 XP


     Destroy 120 air targets using precision bombs     700 XP

X Marks the Spot

     Destroy 120 air targets using precision missiles     1200 XP


     Destroy 50 air targets using the rocket pod     600 XP

Old School

     Destroy 50 ground targets using the rocket pod     400 XP


     Recover from stall at 10m or lower to the ground     500 XP


     Score 125 kills while flying in OFF mode     750 XP

No time to waste

     Score 90 enemy kills while your plane travels in Mach 1.5     750 XP

Go Juice

     Refuel your plane in 90 seconds or lower during a single or coop game     250 XP

Gotta Go

     Perform a ground takeoff on a distance shorter than 600m     250 XP

Brake Free

     Perform a landing on a ground shorter than 500m     250 XP

Bomber Pilot

     Score 300 ground skills in story mode     700 XP

Fighter Pilot

     Score 300 air kills in story mode     700 XP













     Shoot down the same player 3 times in a row in a multiplayer match     1500 XP

Fast Approach

     Score 3 kills using a Radar-guided missile while your plane travels faster than Mach 1.5     1500 XP

Serous Business

     In multiplayer matches, destroy 10 aerial targets with the rocket pod without being shot down     1500 XP


     In survival mode, shoot down 20 targets in 4 waves without being shot down     1500 XP

Flight Leader

     Win 20 Team Deatchmatch games     1500 XP

Room for only one

     In multiplayer matches, score 20 kills against planes identical to yours     1500 XP


     Win 10 Team Battle games without a team member being shot down     1500 XP

Clean Sweep

     Win 10 Team Battle games without using any flares     1500 XP

Air Supremacy?

     Bring down 30 F-22 planes in multiplayer matches while using a different plane     1500 XP


     Beat 10 waves in surival mode     1500 XP



     Inflict 150000 damage to the enemy team     1500 XP


     Escape a total of 300 missiles     300 XP

Greenie Board

     Perform a carrier landing without taking any damage     350 XP


     Score 120 kills in Survival Mode     600 XP


     Fly faster than Mach 2 for 60 minutes     750 XP

More can play this game

     Complete a mission in coop mode     350 XP


     In OFF mode, fly below 20m for 30 seconds without crashing     500 XP

Lucky Shot

     Destroy 3 ground targets with the cannon while flying in OFF mode     500 XP


     In multiplayer matches, damage and destroy 5 aerial targets using 2 different weapons on each     500 XP

Pain is temporary

     Complete a mission on Expert Diffulty     650 XP


Blind Fire

     During multiplayer matches, destroy 5 aerial targets using the cannon in OFF mode     500 XP

Good old days

     Hit an enemy plane with a missile without being locked on the target     500 XP

Precision Strike

     Destroy 10 land or sea targets using ERS for ground attack     300 XP

Computed Path

     Perform 10 landings without ERS     800 XP

No room for error

     Refuel your plane 10 times without using ERS     550 XP

No restrictions

     Spend 60 minutes flying on OFF mode     500 XP

Devastating Salvo

     Destroy 4 targets with one salvo of multiple missiles in a Team Battle game     900 XP


     Destroy 4 ground units with one UGB     500 XP


     Destroy 6 targets with one cluster bomb     450 XP


     Fly upside down in an altitude of 40 meters for 120 seconds in one mission in story mode     600 XP


     Activate jamming support for your team     300 XP

Radar Suppression

     Activate camouflage to your teammates     300 XP

Damage increase

     Increase the damage of your teammates     300 XP


     Activate repair drones for your team     300 XP

Dragon Punch

     Force 2 enemies into stall by using the EMP strike     700 XP



     Kill 5 stalled enemies in multiplayer matches     500 XP


     In multiplayer matches, score 2 consecutive kills using the cannon when you're out of missiles     500 XP

High Caliber

     In multiplayer matches, score 20 kills using the cannon pod     500 XP

Team Ace

     Win 10 Team Battle games when your team is outnumbered     1000 XP

Splash One!

     Destroy an enemy air unit using the 105mm cannon in gunship mode     400 XP

Micro Management

     Destroy 3 enemy ships using the 25mm weapon in gunship mode     350 XP

One Man Army

     Inflict a total of 75000 damage when playing alone      900 XP

No I in Team

     Inflict a total of 150000 damage with your team in coop games     1000 XP

Frenzy Support

     Destroy 12 targets in under 10 seconds in gunship mode     400 XP


     Destroy an enemy player using the Exploder upgrade     450 XP


     Shoot down a player with a cannon while your damage has been increased     350 XP


     Score a kill with the cannon while camouflaged     450 XP

Soak it up

     Absorb 150 damage using the Damage Absorb ability     550 XP

Drone Hunter

     Destroy 30 enemy repair drones in multiplayer matches     550 XP